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Royal Silver Pi Xie ~ Mini
Royal Silver Pi Xie ~ Mini The Royal Pi Xie was specially designed to not only retain your existing wealth, but to create additional sources of wealth. It i...

Dragon Wealth Ship (Large)
Dragon Wealth Ship (Large)
The Dragon Wealth Ship is one of the most powerful wealth enhancers for those who want success and wealth sailing in. Successful ...

Fortune Flower Coins
Fortune Flower Coins The popular Fortune Flower Coins have engraved blessings wishing you wealth, health and success for your entire life. On the other...

Pi Yao Talisman
Pi Yao Talisman
Intricately designed amulet meant for protection against bad feng shui caused by the Grand Duke Jupiter (a wrathful negative entit...

Pig of Abundance
Pig of Abundance The Prosperous Pig of Abundance is always brimming with happiness, life, contentment and a full stomach since there is never a sho...

Nine Frogs of Wealth
Nine Frogs of Wealth
The Nine Frogs of Wealth was specifically designed to further enhance the existing benefits of a single Three Legged Toad (Chuan C...

Dragon Keychain
Dragon Keychain Dragons are one of the most powerful and respected entities in the Asian countries. It represents nobility, strength, wealth and ...

Majestic Rhinoceros
Majestic Rhinoceros
The large bronze Majestic Rhinoceros is used to protect the owner's homes against robbery, accidents and other entities of physica...

Emperor Arowana ~ Wealth
Emperor Arowana ~ Wealth Arowanas are immensely popular amongst businessmen in Asia. Throughout Chinese culture, they are strong enhancers of wealth. F...

Na Zhou, Leader of Immortals
Na Zhou, Leader of Immortals
Na Zhou is known for his mischief and ability to make things happen one way or another. He makes sure you gain results, leadershi...

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