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Personalized Feng Shui Report ~ 2007
Personalized Feng Shui Report ~ 2007 You will be given a detailed Feng Shui consultation report about you (or whoever you wish to have one) from venerable Feng Shui Ma...

Dragon Wealth Ship (Large)
Dragon Wealth Ship (Large)
The Dragon Wealth Ship is one of the most powerful wealth enhancers for those who want success and wealth sailing in. Successful ...

Pi Yao Talisman
Pi Yao Talisman Intricately designed amulet meant for protection against bad feng shui caused by the Grand Duke Jupiter (a wrathful negative entit...

Tibetan Harmony Mandala
Tibetan Harmony Mandala
The iconic Mandala are amazing interpretations of the universe and by gazing into it is said to awaken the inner spiritual eye, br...

Feng Shui Ingots
Feng Shui Ingots The Ingot was used in Imperial China as a form of currency and thus it has always been symbolized as wealth. Its shape and soft cu...

Five Element Pagoda
Five Element Pagoda
The 5 Element Pagoda is an extremely powerful cure to absorb and contain all the negative chi in its surroundings. The bottom ...

Tibetan Space Clearing Bell
Tibetan Space Clearing Bell Handcrafted and carved from brass/bronze in Tibet. It is used for dispersing negative chi with its harmonizing bell sounds when us...

Protection Mantra Inscribed Ring
Protection Mantra Inscribed Ring
This wonderfully detailed item has the famous protective and auspicious mantras inscribed on the sides. It is very popular with et...

Tibet Darajah ~ Rewards & Opportunity
Tibet Darajah ~ Rewards & Opportunity The auspicious 8 Headed Darajuh is a spiritual weapon used by monks to protect themselves from negative entities and evil spirits....

All Protectors ~ Protection
All Protectors ~ Protection
This unique item incorporates almost all the protective deities and entities into one item to provide one of the highest levels of...

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