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Fortune Flower Coins
Fortune Flower Coins The popular Fortune Flower Coins have engraved blessings wishing you wealth, health and success for your entire life. On the other...

Two Gold Ribbon Wealth Coins
Two Gold Ribbon Wealth Coins
One of the best wealth attractors is the combination of three Chinese coins tied together with gold ribbon. They symbolize an inex...

20 Auspicious Wealth Coins
20 Auspicious Wealth Coins The Imperial Wealth Coins are used in many aspects of Feng Shui, and its main focus is to be used as an enhancer for wealth. These...

Mini Zodiac Coin
Mini Zodiac Coin
The compact Zodiac Pa Kua coin is a protective charm used by many to reduce the severity of any possible mishaps and misfortun...

Heaven & Earth Amulet
Heaven & Earth Amulet The Heaven & Earth Coin Amulet is worn/kept by many as an overall protective measure. The inscriptions state Heaven and Earth has ...

Zodiac Harmony Amulet Coin
Zodiac Harmony Amulet Coin
The Taoist Zodiac Pa Kua coin is a protective charm used by many to reduce any possible mishaps or misfortunes. Notice how all...

Bat Lock Coin w/ Mystic Knot
Bat Lock Coin w/ Mystic Knot The Bat Lock for Safeguarding Wealth coin amulet is popular for home owners and business people for making sure their existing wea...

Lucky Wealth Coins
Lucky Wealth Coins
The Wealth Coins are energized by a red thick thread. It is a powerful emblem of wealth and prosperity. Note that the Yang sid...

Emperor Coin Tassle
Emperor Coin Tassle This is a great way to attract wealth. The impressive Emperor Coin Tassle are great wealth enhancers as coins from the reignin...

Coin Sword Against Shar Chi
Coin Sword Against Shar Chi
The protection from Shar Chi coin sword is used to disperse negative chi in the surrounding area. It is usually hung/placed to...

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